Terms and Conditions of Business

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
The following terms shall have the following meanings:-
‘The Company’ Language Services Direct Ltd.
‘Service’ Any service supplied by the Company.
‘Client’ Any person, firm or company to whom the Company supplies Service.

2. Application
No conditions other than those set out herein nor any variation thereof shall be binding on the Company, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by a Director of the Company. These Conditions shall be incorporated in every offer, acceptance and contract for Services by the Company subject to the foregoing any conditions proposed by the Client are hereby excluded.

3. Acceptance
Any written quotation for services will remain open for acceptance for 90 days unless otherwise specified from the date of despatch and thereafter will lapse unless otherwise stated in writing. The Company will not be bound by any oral quotation.

4. Course Duration
The minimum length of any training course will be 15 hours unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by a Director of the Company.

5. Prices and Payment
Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Additional charges which are not included in the quotation may be made for expenses incurred by the Company by agreement with the Client. A 25% surcharge applies to all lessons delivered outside core hours Monday-Friday 08.00-20.00hrs

Payments for services shall be made prior to commencement of any tuition on presentation of invoices unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by a Director of the Company.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue any tuition should invoices remain unpaid. No refund for unconsumed tuition will be considered, and the outstanding invoices will be due for payment in full.

6. Confidentiality
All documentation made available by the Client during the course of provision of the services shall remain the property of the Client and shall be treated as confidential, and shall not be disclosed to any third party.

7. Cancellations
In all cases, individual sessions of tuition cancelled with less than 24 working hours notice will be charged to the Client’s account as taken.

7.1 Group Tuition
Group sessions will continue to take place even if some of the participants are absent unless otherwise agreed.
The hourly charge quoted for group tuition will remain unchanged for the duration of the course, even if a participant ceases attending.

7.2 Ad Hoc and regular tuition
Courses of regular tuition should be completed within twelve months of enrolment unless previously arranged. No refund of fees shall be considered for tuition not consumed during the twelve month period.

If Courses are discontinued after commencement, the initial 15 hours will be charged in full and the remainder of the unconsumed balance will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee, unless the course has extended past twelve months, when no reimbursement will be available.

Notice of cancellation or discontinuation of courses after commencement must be received by The Company in writing within twelve months of the date of the initial commencement of the training. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
Subject to the Company’s agreement, an unconsumed value of tuition may be transferred to another course.
Courses postponed after confirmation may be rearranged subject to the Company’s agreement.

7.3 Intensive & Semi-Intensive Courses
Courses cancelled with between 4 and 2 working weeks’ notice prior to the scheduled start date of the course are subject to a 50% cancellation fee, and courses cancelled with less than 2 working weeks’ notice are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

The company will seek to postpone courses on agreement given at least two weeks’ notice, but reserves the right to impose a 10% postponement fee, or to treat the postponement as a cancellation should the course not go ahead within a three month period from the initial scheduled start date. Courses postponed at less than two weeks’ notice will be treated as cancelled.

Once the timetable for an intensive course has been confirmed, the Client will be charged for the full number of hours during the agreed period. No refund will be considered for hours that the student is unable to attend.

In all cases, the completion of a Language Training Questionnaire or written acceptance of a quotation is deemed to constitute confirmation of a course and will be contractually binding.

8. Conditions of Enrolment
8.1 Members of group classes are expected to attend their courses at the scheduled times.
8.2 The Company reserves the right to make changes of tutors whenever it considers this necessary
8.3 In all cases the completion of an enrolment form or written acceptance of a quotation is deemed to constitute confirmation of a course.
8.4 Corporate Programmes may be subject to terms and conditions laid down in a separate contract between the Client and the Company. Should no such contract exist, the terms and conditions of service described herein shall apply.

9. Sub-Contractors The Client recognises and agrees that the Company may use sub-contractors for some or all of the work. Notwithstanding the fact that the Company may use sub-contractors for services to be performed under this agreement, the Company shall remain completely responsible for all actions of such sub contractors relative to the Services which are the subject of this agreement.

10. Use of Company Personnel On acceptance of a quotation, the Client contracts that he will not use the services of any Relevant Person directly and other than via the Company. In the event that any Client or associate uses the services of a Relevant Person other than pursuant to a contract with the Company, the Client shall forthwith pay to the Company:

Where the Relevant Person becomes an employee of such Client or associate, a sum equal to 17.5% of the gross annual remuneration of such Relevant Person or a sum of £6,000, whichever shall be the higher and

In any other case, the sum of £6,000 (exclusive of VAT).

For the purposes of this clause, ‘Relevant Person’ means any tutor or manager or other person who shall have been engaged either as an employee or independent contractor by the Company and who shall have provided services for such Client directly or indirectly through the Company within 12 months preceding the use of their services by the Client or an associate as aforesaid.

11. Jurisdiction
These conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and the Company and the Client irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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