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In-company language courses – why choose us?

We understand you need a supplier who:

  • provides the most effective in-company language courses for learners in your organisation
  • responds quickly and efficiently to your requests
  • saves you time and minimises your involvement in course administration
  • delivers a wide range of courses in all world languages, tailored to your organisational needs
  • offers training in a variety of formats
  • makes optimum use of technology for both training and administrative purposes
  • closely monitors progress and attendance to ensure objectives are met
  • provides detailed management information to monitor trends and expenditure
  • maximises the return on your investment
  • offers the best value for money

Flexibility – the key to our success

Whatever the size of your language training programme, we will adapt all aspects of our training and course management to suit your individual needs. You can choose the extent to which you are involved with the administrative process – and this in itself can be regularly reviewed and adapted.

Once you have chosen Language Services Direct to provide your company’s training, we will arrange an initial planning meeting to:

  • ensure we have a full understanding of your company’s objectives for language learning
  • agree which training formats are most suitable for your company’s requirements and budget
  • establish your preferred procedures for course set-up, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and invoicing
  • decide how much (or how little) involvement you wish to have in the administration
  • agree at which stages of the course you (and other managers) need to be included in the process
  • decide how best to tailor our course documents to suit your company requirements
  • establish which management information you wish to receive, how often, and in what format
  • draft a service level agreement for your approval, and for regular review

Account Management – effective & efficient administration

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Account Manager as the central point of contact between you, the trainers and the learners. All Language Services Direct Account Managers have:

  • a language training qualification and experience teaching business language learners
  • experience working in a client services environment
  • experience learning at least one other language themselves

As a result, your Account Manager:

  • can empathise with the needs of both the learners and the trainers
  • will identify any difficulties encountered with the language learning, and recommend solutions
  • is client-service orientated and responsive to the needs of the L&D department
  • will respond quickly and efficiently to all requests
  • can manage your language training programme in a responsive and cost-effective manner

Our experience

We have been providing in-company language courses to the UK business community since 1991. Over 250 clients – of various sizes and from many different sectors – have chosen to work with us. We have continued to supply training to some of our clients for well over 10 years, after successfully retaining their business following competitive tenders and regular reviews.

The increasing number of clients we work with bears testimony to the success of Language Services Direct’s flexible yet rigorous approach.

If you would like to arrange a meeting or have a more detailed discussion about your requirements then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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