Course evaluation

We understand that our clients need to work with a business language training provider that is committed to continuous improvement. As well as monitoring and regularly reporting each learner’s progress, we also encourage learners to provide us with regular feedback about their language training. These course evaluations steer our service improvements across our business language training programmes.

Course evaluation questionnaires

In order to help us monitor trainer performance and ensure that learners are benefiting from their training, we ask each learner to complete a simple Course Evaluation Questionnaire at regular intervals during their course.

As with all aspects of our language training, we aim to be as flexible as possible with our service – and are happy to adapt our course evaluations to suit each client. Usually in consultation with the L&D specialist, we agree in advance:

  • content and format of questionnaires
  • frequency and timing of course evaluations
  • format and frequency of reporting evaluation findings
  • the recipients of course evaluation feedback and/or summary reports

Typically, Course Evaluation Questionnaires will be distributed to the learner initially after the first 10 hours of training, and thereafter at the end of each module. L&D specialists and line managers can either receive full copies of each questionnaire or, if preferred, receive regular summary reports.

Face-to-face feedback interviews

In addition, on selected business language training programmes (and with client approval) we arrange for the relevant Account Manager to meet with learners to gather face-to-face feedback. The objective of these meetings is to discuss:

  • trainer performance
  • lesson content
  • relevance of materials and activities
  • rate of progress achieved to date
  • review of timescales for achieving objectives
  • any obstacles to learning encountered during the course
  • alternative formats and potential solutions to help support and accelerate progress

A summary of the feedback received from these meetings, together with recommended actions to address any issues arising, would be provided to the client.

Information gathered at these meetings has proved invaluable to Language Services Direct in that we have been able to design and deliver innovative, new training formats (e.g. Real Time Practice, MasterClasses, etc.) specifically to address issues raised by the learners.

Informal/verbal feedback

As well as formal course evaluations, the Account Manager will be in contact with learners for administrative purposes (e.g. lesson scheduling, etc.) throughout the duration of the course. As all our Account Managers have a background in language training themselves, they are quick to identify any potential problems and have the experience and skills to help resolve them.

Fast & effective response

At Language Services Direct we appreciate that – in spite of everyone’s best intentions – we can’t guarantee every course will be problem free. However, when a problem does arise we can guarantee to acknowledge it, respond quickly, and recommend effective solutions.

Learning implementation

We believe that part of our role as a training provider is to ensure that delegates are able to implement their learning from our courses and to evaluate how well they are able to incorporate new skills and knowledge into their work. Methods used to facilitate continued learning include:

  • Continued access to the Virtual Learning Environment with bespoke learning materials plus signposting to additional digital resources to enhance learning and further practise language skills.
  • Continued access to any course forums on the Virtual Learning Environment where students can discuss how their implementation of new knowledge and skills is progressing and receive support from each other and the teacher with regard to this.
  • Half-hour remote coaching session with specialist trainer 2-4 weeks following course completion to discuss the impact of training on performance and to receive practical advice on how to improve their use of new knowledge and skills at work.
  • Recommendations for any further training including ongoing self-study are provided in progress reports to guide students in retaining and further improving their language skills.
  • Post-course summary for line managers and L&D professionals on skills and knowledge acquired during training so that they can actively support and encourage their staff in implementing their learning.

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