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Blended and online business language training

At Language Services Direct we are aware that clients may wish to implement blended learning and online business language training programmes for a variety of reasons. We have set up such programmes for a number of our clients where:

  • learners need to maintain consistent progress but are unable to attend regular face-to-face lessons
  • the course focus is on developing particular language skills such as reading and writing
  • the target language is needed mainly for telephone or email communication
  • a remote office location makes face-to-face training impossible and online learning desirable

Language Services Direct can offer clients:

  • an audit of available online and blended resources with recommendations for suitable courses within the context of the company’s overall language training goals
  • implementation of a company-wide blended or e-learning programme, typically as a complement to existing language training programmes

Programmes typically include a combination of:

  • face-to-face lessons with a qualified and experienced native-speaking trainer (for blended learning programmes)
  • group or individual sessions delivered through a range of media including via web-conferencing, secure instant messaging, telephone or email
  • recommendations for self-study coursework or suitable interactive learning websites and applications
  • support products such as online business-language chatrooms, asynchronous discussion boards, “just-in-time” language support, etc.
  • the design of specific materials to support existing language-training programmes, e.g. tailored materials available on-line or on CD-ROM

As with all Language Services Direct courses, the content is tailored to the learning and business needs of the client.

Virtual learning environments

Language Services Direct is committed to providing students with a wide range of materials that are accessible outside the classroom environment to support their face-to-face training.

For a number of our clients, we have set up a bespoke Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) run through Moodle. This platform is used to provide students with access to learning materials and activities designed or sourced by their trainers – and to signpost them to the most useful language-learning websites and apps.

Along with client-specific Virtual Learning Environments, Language Services Direct can offer clients and learners access to our own in-house VLE, which hosts a range of high-quality multi-media resources for language learning in a range of languages and levels. An area of this VLE could be devoted to any client including sub-areas for particular courses where learners could find tailored materials uploaded by their trainers.

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