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Language Services Direct has provided tailor-made language training to the international business community since 1991. Today, we are a leading supplier of business language courses in the UK. Based in London, we offer training at locations throughout the UK for market-leading organisations in both the private and public sectors.


Language Services Direct only works with highly qualified and experienced training consultants to deliver business language courses in a wide range of formats and in all world languages.


We pride ourselves not only on the effectiveness of our training, but the flexibility and efficiency with which we approach the management of our clients’ courses. Whatever the size of your training programme, Language Services Direct ensures that every course is designed, managed and delivered to meet the specific needs of each learner within the overall context of your company’s business requirements.

What we offer

Language Services Direct provides bespoke business language courses:


  • In all world languages including English and common European languages as well as wider-world languages: everything from Afrikaans to Zulu.
  • At all levels of ability.
  • In a wide range of formats including one-to-one and group courses.
  • With both extensive and intensive schedules.
  • Using various modes of delivery: face-to-face, online, telephone and blended.
  • Targeting both language and business-communication skills.
  • Using a rich variety of relevant and engaging content and activities designed to maximise motivation and learning.

Our History

Language Services Direct was established in 1991 to cater for the growing demand for in-company language training tailored to business requirements. We are a dedicated team of multi-skilled and multi-lingual managers and administrators who oversee our clients’ language training programmes.

Masterclass for Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

Recently we have seen a surge in demand for English pronunciation courses. Our Masterclass for Pronunciation and Accent Reduction is a highly tailored course aimed at English learners who have achieved a good level in English but find their communication compromised by their pronunciation. Some learners may have attained an advanced level of English, but need to fine-tune their pronunciation to achieve close to native-speaker production. For some, a neutral British accent may be particularly important.

This masterclass recognises the importance of clear and accurate pronunciation in helping to achieve business objectives. It is delivered by well-qualifed and experienced specialist trainers using professional voice-coaching techniques.

To find out more, review the course outline: Masterclass in Pronunciation and Accent Reduction.

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