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Cultural training and other language services

As a flexible and responsive provider and industry leader, we are keen to fulfill any additional language-related requirements our clients may have. The breadth and depth of our experience within our field allows us to respond to client requests for additional language services swiftly and effectively. Example services we have provided to our clients include:

  • Cross-cultural training – through our preferred partner company, Culturewise, we can also offer clients cultural awareness training and coaching solutions, including:
    • Cross-cultural skills training
    • Cultural briefings and workshops relating to specific countries and regions, roles and businesses
    • Executive and management coaching

As language and culture are inextricably linked, our trainers weave cultural information into all language lessons – and we can work with Culturewise to blend cultural courses with language training.

  • Recruitment support – we offer detailed assessments of candidates’ language levels, strengths and areas for development as part of our clients’ recruitment processes.
  • Language audits– we conduct surveys of language and communication skills across employee populations with detailed reporting and recommendations for skills development.
  • Learning materials development – on behalf of our clients, we can develop a library of high-quality multi-media resources to support language learning. This includes curating the huge array of language-learning websites and apps available today along with print media in order to signpost learners to the most effective resources. We can also create original learning materials tailored to our clients’ sectors and learning needs.

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