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Managed business language training - account management

At Language Services Direct, we understand that the quality and effectiveness of the language training we provide is the top priority for our clients. However, the way in which we manage our clients’ courses is a crucial part of our service.

Our clients rely on us to provide fully managed business language training. To this end, our operations managers and account management teams oversee the smooth running of our clients’ programmes. All members of our team have been recruited with the following skills and experience:

  • degree-level education
  • language-teaching qualification
  • experience teaching language to adult business learners
  • experience working in a commercial environment in an administrative/client services capacity
  • excellent communication and administration skills

The fact that our Account Managers not only have a background in client services but are also qualified and experienced language trainers means that each of our clients can be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who then becomes the central point of contact for all those involved in the language training process, including:

  • the learners
  • the learning & development specialists and/or line managers
  • and the trainers

As our Account Managers have the skills, qualifications and experience to understand the training requirements as well as the needs of our clients’ businesses, they are well placed to ensure effective lines of communication between learners, trainers and L&D departments – and minimise the time spent on administration.

Our approach has proved to be very successful in ensuring that each course is designed to meet the needs of the learner(s) and their organisation, whilst at the same time being set-up, delivered, monitored and evaluated in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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