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Business Language Training – Bespoke Syllabi

As a leading business language services provider, we place great importance on tailoring our courses to the specific needs of each learner and client. We believe that lessons should focus on the language and communicative tasks learners encounter in their diverse business roles and areas.

To support our teachers in delivering bespoke training, we can design highly tailored course syllabi. We have extensive experience in this area, having designed syllabi for specific clients in over 40 world languages and for various ability levels. Course syllabi ensure that all courses delivered for a particular client comprehensively cover all of the language and communication skills required by learners working in the client’s organisation in a clear and step-by-step way.

A bespoke syllabus would, for example, provide information on:

  • the background and cultural context of the language
  • writing system and pronunciation
  • relevant vocabulary – professional and general
  • grammar
  • language competencies relating to all four communication skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • communicative business tasks, which learners should be able to successfully complete
  • resources to be used including course books and multi-media resources

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