Business language training: monitoring progress and quality

In order to provide high-quality and cost-effective business language training, we believe it is essential to:

  • continuously measure learner progress
  • regularly report progress to learners, line managers and L&D specialists
  • monitor the performance of our trainers
  • provide regular constructive feedback and support to trainers

Monitoring progress

Monitoring learner progress is important, not only for motivational reasons, but to ensure that our business language training is providing a return on our clients’ investment.

At the end of each module of training, learners (plus the L&D department and/or line managers if required) are provided with formal written progress reports. The frequency and format of these reports are agreed with each client in advance of their language training programme commencing; and the information included in these reports tailored to the needs of the business and the individual learner.

More formal assessment methods can also be used. We are highly experienced in designing bespoke milestone tests to assess and benchmark learner progress at set intervals. Detailed reporting on test performance is provided. Similarly, we can prepare learners to take formal language exams for external verification of their progress.

Monitoring training quality

We understand that the quality of our training is of paramount importance to our clients. There are a number of ways in which we ensure that our language training is of the highest quality:

  • recruiting and retaining well-qualified and experienced business language trainers
  • regular formal feedback from the learners via our course evaluations
  • regular informal feedback from the learner via contact with their dedicated Account Manager
  • lesson observations
  • trainer performance reviews and appraisals

While we take great care selecting the best trainer for each new course, we appreciate that problems can still arise. In the event of receiving any negative feedback from a learner, we immediately address this with the trainer, while the issues arising can usually be quickly resolved to the full satisfaction of both learner and trainer, if this is not the case, we will select and assign a different trainer more suited to that particular course.

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