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With around 95 million German speakers worldwide and 6 major German-speaking countries, this widely spoken native language is a great second language to add to your team’s professional toolbox.

Improve your business communication and opportunities for development into international markets with our business German courses.

Language Services Direct provides professional German lessons centred around business German skills, key business topics and helpful tips that are specifically tailored to your requirements.

German language training with our carefully curated teachers can be arranged for different levels, corporate skills, and durations to match you or your employees’ needs.

Your German Training Course Setup in 4 Simple Steps

We are committed to providing you with a flexible and highly personal service so that you can reach the goals you have set. Your German language training will be constructed around the needs you communicate to us and with a focus on cost-effectiveness.

Step 1 – Discuss your business German language learning requirements

The first step is to have a conversation with us to gather the details of what you are hoping to achieve with your German course and to assess the ability of the learners.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. This person will take care of every aspect of your course, and will be available to answer your questions and simplify the process for you.

Step 2 – Find a suitable German language teacher

We keep an extensive database of trusted trainers and so once we have your requirements, we will search for the ideal German language tutor for your learners. All of our German language teachers will have a toolbox of German language skills and an expert understanding of business German.

The search can get very specific, if that is needed for your course. As an example, if your team has a need to improve negotiation in German, then your German teacher will be one who specifically has negotiation training – and perhaps even has experience in your sector.

Step 3 – Craft and set up your business German course

Once we have confirmed your German teacher, we then collaborate with them to build your specific German course that meets your goals in the duration you’ve requested in the most effective arrangement, leveraging on the teacher’s extensive experience in the learning process.

Your Account Manager will succinctly deliver the information you need to know and set everything up for you. You can choose how much detail you would like, and our Account Manager will adjust as required.

Step 4 – Monitor and report on your German course

The involvement of your Account Manager continues throughout the duration of your course to ensure that all questions are answered, and progress is being measured. We will make sure that whatever information the learner’s HR or L&D department requires, they receive clear reports in a timely fashion.

We are rigorous in this approach for two important reasons. The first is that return on investment has to be clear on every course. The second is that we want to ensure the satisfaction of learners with their progress, and that our teachers are receiving their feedback.

Start setting up your German language training course

Why Learn German With Language Services Direct?

In the wide collection of German language training providers, it can become difficult to decide which is most suitable for your organisation.

Below are the top 3 reasons why most organisations choose Language Services Direct for their language training needs. You decide if our services suit your requirements.

Reason 1: We focus on your business goals

We are quite specifically focused on business language and communication courses for corporate organisations.

L&D specialists, procurement teams, line managers and learners that we have worked with all contribute to our very specialised understanding of how to conduct language training for corporates in the most suitable and convenient manner.

We have specially trained language teachers, courses centred around business-specific skills, reporting that’s designed to be easy to read by corporate managers, and systems for setting up classes so that managers don’t have to worry about any of the extra details, to name just a few of the ways we are streamlined for business language training.

Reason 2: We provide an entirely bespoke service

Our service is one of the most responsive and flexible language training options on the market. Our dedicated Account Manager will ensure that every detail of your learners’ course is geared towards the desired goals.

From content and materials to duration and location to the format and intensity to the monitoring and reporting – every aspect of your German language course will be thought-through and customised to your requirements.

Reason 3: We will be efficient and cost-effective

A clear return on investment is an obvious requirement for any service that is seeking to achieve business goals – and so is a defining feature of any language course we provide. Additionally, our focus on creating highly customised courses of exceptional quality means we have had to become very efficient.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness is woven into every process and feature of Language Services Direct, and we are constantly seeking to ensure we are at the top of our game in this respect.

Each Account Manager has been carefully chosen not only for their experience in language learning environments and client-facing roles, but also due to their meticulous attention to detail and singular work ethic.

We run a single-point-of-contact system by assigning you a dedicated Account Manager. This means every question you have can be directed to one person, and that all the different elements of your course are brought together cohesively with the end-result in constantly kept in mind. Not to mention that they will optimise the efficiency with the full use of our technological systems.

Business German Course Formats

You can choose the format for your German language training, according to what will best serve your learners and achieve the results you want.

The core business German course formats that we offer are:


You can choose the format for your German language training, according to what will best serve your learners and achieve the results you want.

The core course formats that we offer are:

• Flexible Individual Training – individual, one-to-one, personalised German lessons, usually conducted at the learner’s office.
• Group Training – German lessons for up to six people from the same company, usually conducted at the learners’ office.
• Intensive Courses – 35-hour week (including 1-hour working lunch each day) German language training that can be done one-to-one or in groups of up to six.
• Language Clubs – groups of up to 10 people from the same company for non-essential and more informal language learning at a fixed time every week.
• Blended Learning – face-to-face training combined with online, e-learning and/or telephone options so your course can be flexible for busy schedules.

Click here to find out more about our core course formats

German Course Content

We create bespoke content for your course, designed such that it focuses specifically on the requirements of the learners. All the content will be arranged with your Account Manager in conjunction with the German tutor.

Generally, the kinds of business skills that are requested and/or covered could include:

• Job-specific vocabulary related to the sector of the business and role of the learner.
• German language skills for presentations and speeches
• German writing skills specifically for business writing
• German oral skills for negotiations
• German written and conversational skills for meetings
• German pronunciation and accent reduction

Our Clients

Here are some of the clients for whom Language Services Direct has delivered impactful language training for:

*Language Services Direct operates a strict policy to display client logos only where express permission is given and our clients’ branding policies allow this.

*Language Services Direct operates a strict policy to display client logos only where express permission is given and our clients’ branding policies allow this.


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