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Business language teachers - work with us

As a business language teacher we understand you prefer to work with a provider who:

  • respects that your work is essential to the success of their business
  • works with a large number of clients with a variety of language training requirements
  • offers a high volume of work suited to your skills, experience, qualifications and preferences
  • rewards you well for the work you undertake on their behalf
  • pays you regularly – and on time – without waiting for payment from the client
  • aims to minimise the time you spend on administration
  • employs Account Managers with language training qualifications and experience
  • acts as a central point of contact between you and your students
  • understands your needs, as well as those of clients and learners
  • provides you with the resources and support you need to fulfill your role
  • offers you a fast, efficient and friendly service 

Read what our business language teachers say about working with us:

Trainer recruitment

To enquire about teaching opportunities at Language Services Direct:

If you are a well-qualified and experienced business language teacher, interested in working with Language Services Direct, please click below to visit our Language Trainer Application Form. We will then contact you to discuss any current vacancies and next steps.


In particular, we are currently keen to hear from trainers of the following languages:

  • In London: Business English / French / Spanish / German
  • Outside of London: Business German in Oxford and Chichester

We look forward to hearing from you.

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