Management information and reporting

As a specialist provider of language lessons for business, we understand the importance of monitoring and reporting to our clients on each and every course as well as the wider language training programme. To this end, we provide regular reports to each client with detailed management information.

As with all aspects of our service, these reports are tailored to the needs of each client, but typically include the following information:

  • total training hours delivered & associated spend per month/to date
  • training hours and spend per individual learner, group and/or group member
  • training hours and spend per language
  • training hours and spend per department, cost centre, business line, etc.
  • lesson attendance and late cancellations per course/individual
  • the number of training hours booked, delivered to date, and remaining on each course

The format, frequency and content of the report is agreed in advance with each client and reviewed on a regular basis. The report can also include either full copies or summaries of other information, such as:

  • new course learning plans
  • progress reports
  • course evaluation questionnaires

Depending on your requirements, these documents can either be sent all together on an agreed basis (e.g. monthly/quarterly) or can be sent separately as and when each course has reached the relevant stage.

By providing you with easily accessible yet detailed summaries of the information you need, tailored to your business requirements, Language Services Direct is able to save you time and money on the administration of your language training programme.

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