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Professional Spanish Courses

Language Services Direct’s professional Spanish lessons will be designed to match your exact requirements.

The intensity and level of training, the corporate language skills and the pace of the course will all be created in a very bespoke way according to what your learners need.

Your Spanish Training Course Setup in 4 Simple Steps

We are committed to providing you with a flexible and highly personal service so that you can reach the goals you have set. Your Spanish language training will be constructed around the needs you communicate to us and with a focus on cost-effectiveness.

Step 1 – Discuss your Spanish language learning requirements

When you get in touch with us, one of our team will contact you to discuss your learners’ purpose for learning Spanish, any other details or requirements of your course, and to arrange an assessment of the learners’ ability.

Once we have an initial idea of your needs, the best Account Manager will be chosen to become your single point of contact. Your Spanish course will then be handled entirely by that person and the process from here onwards becomes very simple for you.

Step 2 – Find a suitable Spanish language teacher

We keep an extensive database of trusted trainers and so once we have your requirements, we will search for the ideal Spanish language tutor for your learners.

The search can get very specific, if that is needed for your course. As an example, if your team has a need to improve negotiation in Spanish, then your Spanish teacher will be one who specifically has negotiation training – and perhaps even has experience in your sector.

Step 3 – Craft and set up your Spanish course

Together with the teacher, we then craft your Spanish course to your specifications, taking into account the availability of both your team and the teacher, what the teacher thinks needs to be focused on first, and your required time scale.

Our Account Manager will then communicate all of this information to you in a clear, simple, and concise manner, and arrange all the set-up procedures.

Step 4 – Monitor and report on your Spanish course

The involvement of your Account Manager continues throughout the duration of your course to ensure that all questions are answered, and progress is being measured. We will make sure that whatever information the learner’s HR or L&D department requires, they receive clear reports in a timely fashion.

We are rigorous in this approach for two important reasons. The first is that return on investment has to be clear on every course. The second is that we want to ensure the satisfaction of learners with their progress, and that our teachers are receiving their feedback.

Set up your Spanish language training course

Why Learn Spanish With Language Services Direct?

We understand that there are many suppliers of Spanish language training out there and choosing the most suitable provider can be a complicated task.

Let’s make it easy for you. Here are the top 3 reasons why Language Services Direct is probably going to be the right choice for your corporation:

Reason 1: We focus on your business goals

Everything about Language Services Direct is composed to be easy for corporations to understand and work with, and are entirely focused on the goals of the organisation.

We cooperate with procurement and L&D specialists, line manager and learners constantly, and that has given us very specialised knowledge on how to organise business language training is the most streamlined way.

Our courses and teachers are all centred around skills that are specific to the business environment. Our reporting has been refined with managers in mind, so that KPIs may be communicated with ease. The way we organise and set-up classes allows managers in the organisation to be entirely hands-off and they can rely on us to ensure everything is sorted out with minimal effort from their end. Literally every element of our organisation is scrutinised to be suitable for producing language training that is ideal for the business environment.

Reason 2: We provide an entirely bespoke service

We pride ourselves on providing one of the most flexible and responsive service on the market at the moment. We will accommodate the specific needs of your company and your learners.

We will adapt the content, duration, materials, location, format, monitoring, and reporting of your Spanish language course to match exactly what you and your learners require.

Reason 3: We will be efficient and cost-effective

We focus on your business goals, and so naturally, we have to become cost-effective in order to provide the return on investment that is required from any organisation. And high-quality and flexibility are our points of pride, so we have naturally formed highly efficient processes to achieve them.

We are consistently focused on developing the most efficient method for everything we do, and are always asking, “How do we get our client to pay less for this without compromising quality?”

The lynchpins that drive the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your course will be your Account Manager. Each of these passionate, hard-working and highly skilled professionals have been carefully vetted to be the right kind of person to manage corporate language training courses.

They will ensure that communication with you is clear and not scattered about as they will be your single point-of-contact.

Your Account Manager will be in your corner, looking to optimise the value-to-cost ratio with full use of our technological systems and they will ensure every element of your course runs smoothly and pulls everything together.

Spanish Course Formats

We can produce Spanish language training in whatever format, or mix of formats you require.

The core course formats that we offer are:


• Flexible Individual Training – individual, one-to-one, personalised Spanish lessons, usually conducted at the learner’s office.
• Group Training – Spanish lessons for up to six people from the same company, usually conducted at the learners’ office.
• Intensive Courses – 35-hour week (including 1-hour working lunch each day) Spanish language training that can be done one-to-one or in groups of up to six.
• Language Clubs – groups of up to 10 people from the same company for non-essential and more informal language learning at a fixed time every week.
• Blended Learning – face-to-face training combined with online, e-learning and/or telephone options so your course can be flexible for busy schedules.

Click here to find out more about our core course formats

Spanish Course Content

We create bespoke content for your course, designed such that it focuses specifically on the requirements of the learners. All the content will be arranged with your Account Manager in conjunction with the Spanish tutor.

Generally, the kinds of business skills that are requested and/or covered could include:

• Job-specific vocabulary related to the sector of the business and role of the learner.
• Spanish language skills for presentations and speeches
• Spanish writing skills specifically for business writing
• Spanish oral skills for negotiations
• Spanish written and conversational skills for meetings
• Spanish pronunciation and accent reduction

Our Clients

Here are some of the clients for whom Language Services Direct has delivered impactful language training for:

*Language Services Direct operates a strict policy to display client logos only where express permission is given and our clients’ branding policies allow this.

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